We scoured the industry for a single-source suite of tools that would seamlessly include all the functionality required to operate our business and communicate with our customers. After years of searching – we found nothing! 

RPM is the only platform of its kind.

We developed a tool out of necessity & we grew it because it works.

When we set out to build RPM, we asked a couple simple questions; “What if we could unlock the well of knowledge we have acquired over decades in the business? More importantly, what if we could deliver all of that knowledge, and the same tools used by Wall St, right to the fingertips of our customers?”

Simply put, we achieved those goals with RPM.

Our team has been using RPM for the past couple of years and it has saved us nearly $100,000 per year. 

RPM is so empowering and so easy-to-use, in 2020, our investors purchased over 100 properties using only the platform. Imagine the savings in time and capital when no salesperson is required for the sales of over 100 properties!

RPM has made us insanely efficient.


RPM has saved us $50 – $100,000 per year in human capital. In fact, we did all of the above transactions with 4 salespeople, 1 closing/escrow coordinator, and 1 customer experience specialist. That is how good this platform is! We are happier, exponentially more efficient, and more profitable than ever.

Ron Phillips


In 2020, with just 5 full-time employees, we sold 395 units. We sold 268 in 2019! 

I sold over 90% of those houses and we could have done more if it weren’t for the lack of inventory.


Heather Marchant